Convert your Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page

We are back with the very cool new Facebook trick and this trick is going to be a mind blowing trick for you. This trick is specially for the Facebook user who use Facebook regularly and likes to get attention from their friends. If you are addicted to Facebook and post daily posts on social site Facebook and want to be more people centric then this trick will defiantly helps you get the Fame and Real Followers for your Facebook account. Now come to the real talk We are going to change your ordinary Facebook profile to a fully functioning Facebook page with the count of the likes same as the count of your friends on  your personal account because this trick will convert your friends into your page likes that's why this is a WIN WIN situation because you will get the Page of Yourself and the Likes too.


Before starting this trick this is advisable to make your friends list bigger as you can. This will be beneficial to you because Facebook will convert your friends into Facebook Page Likes. Lets start the processes.

1. Login to your Facebook account and click this link

2. You will be redirect to Profile to Page Migrate tool of Facebook. Click "Get Started" as shown below.

3. Click Continue as shown Below.


4. Click Next as Shown below


5. This is the important step make sure to click "Select All". If you did`t click this option you will not get any likes on your page by default.

6. Now click finish. 

Now your profile is converted a fully functioning Facebook page. Add a profile and Cover photo to your new Facebook page and start posting on your new page. If you like this article please share with your friends. Thanks any problem or query comment below. stay tuned....