Jio SIM Not Working On Mobile [Solved]
If you just brought a JIO Sim and it is not working on your smartphone here is the Checklist of some Diagnostics Problem.

1. Activate your SIM through their Customer Care Excutive
2. Send START' to 1925 to make your sim Internet Ready.
3. Make Sure JIO Sim is in the First SIM Slot of your smatphone.(Most mobile has only one slot 4g
4. Set Apn type as default in APN setting.
5. Cross check the APN setiing and set the apn as Jionet.
6. Make sure preferred network type of SIM is set to desired Slot is LTE/3G/GSM Auto or Something like that.
7. Go to APN setting and set APN type option as Default and Bearer as 4G or LTE or something like that.

Download jiojoin app from playestore to free calls if your mobile is not volte supported.