"Keep three things always private: your love, your money, and your next step."

The quote suggests that there are three important aspects of our lives that we should keep private or guarded.

  1. "Apna pyaar" refers to one's personal relationships and love life. It emphasizes the importance of keeping the details and intricacies of your love life private, only sharing them with those you trust. It suggests that sharing intimate details about your relationships with everyone may lead to unnecessary interference or judgments from others.

  2. "Apna paisa" refers to one's finances and money matters. It highlights the need to maintain privacy when it comes to financial matters. It implies that it is wise not to disclose personal financial information to everyone as it can attract unwanted attention or potential exploitation.

  3. "Apna agla kadam" translates to "your next step." It signifies the importance of keeping your future plans and ambitions confidential. It implies that sharing your goals and aspirations with everyone may invite unnecessary opinions or hinder your progress. By keeping your next steps private, you can focus on your own path without external influences.

Overall, the quote suggests that maintaining privacy in matters of love, money, and future plans can help protect and preserve these important aspects of our lives.