Security is always a major Concern for us to hide our personal life`s stuffs like our personal photos, videos, our personal conversation. As today`s life becoming more and more dependent on smart technologies. Our smartphone is one of them which we always carry with us. Mobiles phones becomes a important part of our life. We stores many personal data  in our smartphones because it is very handy and easy to access device and we can carry it with us anywhere. To hide our personal stuffs we usually use some Security apps which makes our personal stuffs hidden behind a Lock screen. But these all apps are not trustworthy, you cannot rely on these apps blindly . 

Today we are going to show you how can you or anyone can Bypass or can crack your security app with only some simple steps lets start follow the steps below to Bypass a appslock app to view personal stuff of someone`s mobile.

 To Bypass or crack the security app just go to the settings page of that app
Most probably location in android smartphone is Settings > Apps > Downloaded
Here you can select the desired app lock or security app. ( Tap on Desired app) see illustration Above. 
Now There are two methods to Crack or Bypass the app lock (appslock) app on android.
Either you can Stop the app for limited time only (Until someone do not click the app icon to run it from app drawer menu again)  or you can uninstall app but this method is not favorable because by using this way the chance are more to get caught by mobile owner because he/she will easily understand  that some one was tried to view her/him personal stuff by uninstalling the applock app.

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