Sometime we need to download a youtube or any other videos available on internet, to watch them later or share them with our friends via any messaging app like whatsapp, But youtube does not provide any feature to download youtube videos on your devices, you can only share links of youtube videos. But today We are presenting a all new way to download youtube videos on your local disk. You can download videos in any format even in MP3 format and from any source even from facebook too.To download videos you just need the URL of that video which you want to download.

How Download Youtube or Any other Video In a Single Click:

This method is very easy and you do not need any special skill, 

1. Go to Video site (Youtube) and play a video.
2. Go the the URL of that video (URL is Located where you type a site name to open a site) 
and change it as illustrated below:- (Replace all text until "Y" of youtube to add "ss" to make it, keep remaining text intact) and press enter.

4. A new site will open where you can select the Format of video to download it.

Video Tutorial

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