When we talk about passwords we proportionally think about our privacy and security because passwords are directly co-relate with our privacy and security, In the current era of Information & Technology our lots of work dependent on I.T. services Like our Banking, Online Shopping, Bill payments, Social Networking Accounts etc and for using these kind of services we need  unique passwords which comply with site`s passwords generating policy. This cause hard to remember passwords and to get rid of this what we do is- We save our passwords in our Smartphone Browser for permanently. But what if you want to Remove or delete passwords from your Android Browser, to Delete/Remove the passwords from your Android Browser Follow Steps below:

1. Go to Android`s Default Browser and Open it then Press Menu and Tap on  'Settings'

2. In the settings go to the 'Privacy & security' Option.

 3. Scroll down to the Heading Text 'PASSWORDS' and tap 'Clear passwords'

4.A prompt window will open which will ask you to "Delete all saved passwords?" tap on 'OK'

Now all saved passwords of Browser are deleted. Enjoy Please don`t  Forget to Like our page. Enjoy!!!